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Hi, I am Sam The Spotist. Food is my favorite thing in the whole wide world, but I also love travel, new experiences, and finding new spots to show them to you. Don't forget to share your ideas with us, and let us know what you think!

New Sushi Spot: Decanter Lounge All You Can Eat Sushi Night

Sushi lovers, are you ready for a new Sushi Night in Amman? Yup, it’s the famous Decanter Lounge, introducing their new All You Can Eat Sushi Every Sunday Night. Get ready to indulge in some fresh Sushi at the beautiful Decanter Lounge in Abdoun. The newly introduced concept offers a …

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Best Airlines in The Middle East

We all know some of the best airlines in the Middle East. Some so famous that they are ranked the top airlines in the world and not just the Middle East. Fly with us to explore the Best Airlines in the Middle East for 2015 according to World Airline Awards …

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Online Shopping in the Middle East

One of my favorite things about the internet, is Online Shopping. I absolutely love it! Why would you go to so many stores and enter busy packed malls on weekends, when you can simply Shop Online and have the items delivered to your doorstep. I have found some amazing online …

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10 Tips for Men to Prepare for a Date

Alright buddy, it’s date night. Don’t worry we got your back, we are about to prep you for tonight’s (or may be tomorrow’s) date so that it goes as smoothly as you want, and who knows, it may go perfectly you might get to score tonight! The most important thing …

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Top 5 Sushi Restaurants in Amman

Who doesn’t love a tasty plate or set of Sushi? To be honest, it is hard to find the perfect Sushi to have in Amman. You will also probably end up paying big bucks to have some of the best Sushi in Amman. Luckily, The Spotist has reviewed, what we …

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Top 10 Night Spots in Amman

Amman, the beautiful city that glamours the nights with its chill outings and relaxed atmosphere. Let’s be honest, Amman is not a clubbing nor a partying city. It is the kind of city were you enjoy going out to lounges, pubs and delicious restaurants. To be honest, the cultural environment …

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10 Weirdest Health Tips

You probably heard of so many weird health tips around the internet. Here are some of the weirdest we found. They might be to weird that you might not actually believe them. Comment below to share your ideas.   10. Eat Less, by Eating More Yes, you read it right. …

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You Won’t Believe Which Country is the Top Expat Destination for 2015

People from around the world travel for work, study or living abroad. There is no doubt that one is looking for better pay or better standards of living, or simply a new experience for a while. According to a study conducted by Inter Nations (, via Expat Insider, one of the …

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Travel Spot: Harissa (حريصا) – Lebanon

Harissa (حريصا), the beautiful Mountain Village in Lebanon that caress the huge statue of Virgin Mary. The Lebanese are known to call that statue Our Lady of Lebanon. Situated about 25 minutes North of Beirut (20km), the Village overlooks the beautiful green hills and the Mediterranean Sea. Whilst standing on …

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