Alright buddy, it’s date night. Don’t worry we got your back, we are about to prep you for tonight’s (or may be tomorrow’s) date so that it goes as smoothly as you want, and who knows, it may go perfectly you might get to score tonight!

The most important thing to remember during your date is to be yourself. Don’t try being too cool or being someone you are not, as that will eventually turn against you. Simply follow the tips below to prepare for the perfect date night.


10. Ask her what she likes to eat

You definitely do not want to take the girl you are dating tonight to a cuisine she does not like. Imagine taking her to a Sushi restaurant while she hates Sushi. She is definitely not going to like that, and will set her on a bad mood from the beginning of the date. Imagine if she’s a vegetarian and you end up taking her to a steak house! Boy are you in trouble.

We suggest you text or call before making a reservation at any specific restaurant, and ask her if she prefers a certain cuisine of choice. Or you may simply ask, “how about Italian food for tonight?” Depending on her response you will automatically understand if she is in for it or absolutely against it. Patrick Moore Patrick Moore


9. Shine your shoes

You will be surprised how much women pay attention to shoes! You know how much women love shopping, but this isn’t about shopping. Your shoe actually reflects a lot about you (talk about irony). First of all, your shoe is a sign of fashion, it shows how fashionable you are and if you are able to match it to your outfit. A quick fashion advice: always match your shoe to your belt. Secondly, it is easy to tell expensive shoes from cheap ones, therefore, try your best to wear  decent shoes that are elegant, classy and fashionable. Finally, the shininess and cleanliness of your shoes states how much you care about looking your best. Therefore, don’t forget this little detail. Josh Felise Josh Felise


8. Clean your car

Please, oh please, clean that dirty ride of yours. No girl would like to ever go out on a date with a guys who cannot even take care of his own vehicle. Take your car to a car wash in the morning so that you do not rush it last minute before your date, spray some nice perfume or air freshener in the car, because we all know you have been farting in the car (seriously, who are we kidding?) Kyle Szegedi Kyle Szegedi


7. Make sure you have enough cash to cover your date’s needs

Take into consideration how much the dinner might cost, valet, tips and any other extras that might occur. It always better to keep some cash in handy, besides your credit card, to cover any immediate costs such as valet, or a quick ice cream whilst walking down the beach after dinner. You never know how your date will end up going. Nerijus J Nerijus J


6. Manscape 

Seriously though, manscape. Trim you beard, shave, and/or get a fresh hair cut. Do your best to look your best on your date, especially the first date. It is all about the first impression. Manscaping does not only refer to facial hair. Women take forever to prepare for a date, from waxing, to manicure and pedicure, to styling to hair and makeup, it is an endless journey. Therefore, please be considerate of shaving or waxing your excess body hair, especially if you know your date will end in bed. Remove your pubic hair (yes all of it), women usually prefer a clean look (heck it also makes your penis and genitals look bigger).

Back hair is usually worst than any other body part, please work on removing that too! I suggest you get a laser hair removal session, as it is less painful and lasts longer. Angelina Litvin Angelina Litvin


5. Dress Accordingly

Don’t underestimate how well you dress for your date. Also, dress according to where you are going. For instance, if you are going to a high-end restaurant, it is always nice to wear a casual suit or a blazer. If you are going on a casual date, make sure you don’t wear “too casual,” remember, you are impressing this girl. You can wear a jeans, but make sure you look right for the date; a jeans and a good looking shirt is always suitable. Olu Eletu Olu Eletu


4. Apply Fragrance Before Your Date

I have never met a women who would not like to sniff a good puff off a man’s shirt, especially when she hugs you or kiss you for the first time. That smell is like the first kiss, she will always remember your good scent. I suggest you also keep a bottle of perfume in your car so that you can spray a couple of puffs just right before your date starts. This will also let her get a good sniff as soon as she gets in your car. Make sure your perfume is manly, and has been lady approved! I usually let female associates at department stores help me pick up my perfumes in order assess which ones they like best (trust me it works!).

fine-fragrance-3-1423874 Danilevici Filip-E.


3. Iron or Steam Your Outfit

Nothing looks worst than a wrinkled shirt on a date! Make sure you iron or steam your outfit so that it is wrinkle-free. Iron everything from the shirt, the pants, the suit, everything! It should be flat smooth and wrinkle-free to ensure a sharp look. Not doing so will show that you are the type of guy who simply does not care about his look or even looking sharp; remember women don’t like that. Ever! Yogesh Arora Yogesh Arora


2. Clean Your House/Room

Well, if you are expecting your date to come back to your house/room/studio (wherever you live) you better clean it up. You don’t want her to see your boxers lying on the floor, the shirt on top of the TV, and the pants in the kitchen. They simply do not belong there. Take the effort to clean and tidy your house before hand to avoid any embarrassing moments, and to make sure your date would even think about visiting you again. This also leaves an impression about who you are as a person. Mathieu Nicolet Mathieu Nicolet


1. Plan your date

Not just the dinner. Plan a complete proper date. From the moment you pick her up, to the moment you drop her off, you must have the whole thing planned. The reason you should is because it will actually impress her. Try planning something different, not just a regular dinner. She will fall for your even further if you take her on a beach walk which you have not told her about. Be spontaneous is all! A few activities to keep in mind for things after dinner could be: star gazing, park walks, beach walks, festivals, video gaming, karting, and much more! Just search for new things in your city and you will actually find a lot of things to do. Keep in mind that you should not tell her what the plan is, just tell her that you planned something else for both of you after dinner, and surprise her! Blake Bronstad Blake Bronstad


Don’t hesitate to comment with your own dating tips or tell us how these tips turned out for you. Happy Dating!