Online Shopping in the Middle East

One of my favorite things about the internet, is Online Shopping. I absolutely love it! Why would you go to so many stores and enter busy packed malls on weekends, when you can simply Shop Online and have the items delivered to your doorstep.

I have found some amazing online stores in the Middle East for both men and women, yet you should be careful from which store you order, and remember to check their Return/Exchange Policy, in case something did not turn out right. Here are the best websites for Online Shopping in the Middle East.

Women’s Top 4:

1. Givona (


This store offers a variety of clothes for women. Basically everything, from dresses to tops to cardigans to pants, shorts and more! They have a truly amazing collection that caters for both casual and outer wear. They also specialize in business or professional looks. You will find a lot of clothes that actually would be extremely suitable for every day wear to work.

Givona has 2 great features. The first is their SUPER-FAST delivery. By Super-Fast they talk about a maximum of 3 business days no matter where you are in the world. If you are lucky enough to live in Amman, they will deliver your order within the hour during normal business hours. If you live outside of Amman (but still in Jordan), you will receive your items within the next business day.

The second best thing about Givona is their unbeatable Return/Exchange Policy. They allow you to return your clothes for store credit that does not expire, or simply exchanging your clothes for anything else you would like, or any other size in case it did not work out.

Givona is certainly the number 1 spot to shop online in the Middle East, I have recently tried ordering from them for my sister during my latest visit to Amman. She absolutely loved every item I got her. One item was too small, they exchanged the items for us during the same day! Don’t be fooled by the pictures of the models they currently have online, as they are definitely not the hottest models I saw, but their products are of superior quality and fit!

2.Revolve Clothing (

Revolve Clothing

Revolve is definitely one of the best places to shop online. Although the store is not located in the Middle East, they offer international shipping to almost all countries of the world. They carry more than 100 brands from around the globe that are known to be extremely fashionable designers. Their customer is support is amazing, super super friendly! They also have a live chat feature on their website. One bad thing about Revolve is that their international shipping is expensive, and not quite fast.




There is no reason why anyone would not love Nordstrom! They carry almost every brand you could think of. With fast delivery to the Middle East and excellent offers that run all year long, Nordstrom is definitely the go to place when it comes to high- and medium-end brands.

I am a big fan of Nordstrom in the United States, which I believe is the reason why I like them online. If you have ever visited Nordstrom in store, you would certainly continue to order from them online. Their superior customer service and fast returns process is amazing. Although, be careful, returns/exchanges from the Middle East will be at your expense! Meaning you have to pay for shipping them back to the US.




I believe Namshi offers mainly casual clothing. A truly Middle Eastern website,  they offer many common international brands such as Calvin Klein, Adidas, Mango, Polo Ralph Lauren, and various others. I am truly proud of their customer service, with superior fast & free delivery, and free exchanges. You will certainly love Namshi for your daily casual wear.

A good thing about Namshi, is that you get to shop for your Boyfriend! Yes, you heard that right. Get him something for once, he will certainly appreciate a nice polo shirt that you picked up for him.


Men’s Top 4:


Banana Republic

Okay so forget about the Banana Republic in Dubai. I simply do not like it as they do not carry everything the actual Banana Republic Store in the US carries. To be honest, even the one in the United Kingdom is not that great either, for some reason their international stores are not to my liking. Yet, their US stores and online store carry everything a man needs for his daily and business wear. Their clothing fit is just perfect! You will never find anything better. All you have to do is find the right size for you with the right fit to match, and then everything else you order will definitely fit perfectly on you.

From Casual to Business shirts, Polos, Cardigans, Jackets & Suits, Banana Republic definitely meets your expectations. Their clothing is guaranteed to give you the sharp look you need for work, dates, or outings.

Don’t forget to sign up for their newsletter to receive regular sale events, offers and promotions that reach up to 50% sale. They carry regular sale events and weekly promotions, so don’t miss out!


2. Namshi.comNamshi men

Namshi carries most of the things a man need. From Shoes, to belts, t-shirts, and accessories, they have the right thing to get you set up on a casual day. The well-known international brands are easily accessible from their user-friendly portal.

As I mentioned about Namshi in the Women’s section of this article. They offer superior customer service, fast shipping, and free exchanges. Unfortunately, Namshi does not offer their services in all countries of the Middle East. However, I truly suggest you visit their website and check their collection.



Nordstrom men

No I am not just repeating things from the Women’s section. Nordstrom truly offers a generous amount of brands for both men and women. A good feature about their website is that most of the brands they offer are actually not shipped internationally from the brand’s website itself. So there goes the benefit of a huge retailer!

You can find most of the brands you like as a man, and many more that you don’t even know exist! Please take some time to prepare for your next outfit on Nordstrom, and enjoy their international shipping.




In my humble opinion, you can find different casual styles on Markavip. It is definitely not a regular go to shopping website, but keep checking it regularly for new styles. I would not suggest you buy any accessories from their website, as it does look different in reality than it actually does on the website. But shop their shoes, pants, t-shirts and shirts as they are definitely on style.

The variety of brands they carry is excellent. However, its hard to find what you always want. Nonetheless, Markavip’s customer service is excellent. I am truly not well aware of their return & exchange policy, and will leave that for you to explore on their website.


Happy Shopping!


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