Cinco De Mayo InterContinental Hotel Amman – Food Review

So it occurred that I was invited to Cinco De Mayo the other day with some of my coworkers. I am honestly a huge fan of Mexican Food. I simply love it! I got excited once I knew we are planning to go to Cinco De Mayo at the InterContinental Hotel in Amman, as I have been planning a visit there for a while, but it never worked out. I also happen to love the InterContinental Hotel in Amman as it is honestly one of the best hotels in Amman, offering a luxurious and exquisite service.

Once we got to Cinco De Mayo, the place looked cool, and I love their bar. I’ve been to their bar before for some shots when I was attending a wedding at the hotel, love it! Everything was okay till we got the menu.

To start with, the first thing that startled me was the Burrito which was for JOD16++ (USD22.5++), that is JOD20.16 inclusive of service and tax charges. Yes I understand I am at the InterContinental Hotel, but still that is way too much for a Burrito. I am so glad no Mexican has ever saw this, else it would’ve been in the Mexican newspapers.

Going further, I decided to order the Salsa, Guacamole, Sour Cream and Chips platter for an appetizer, and to go on with the Supreme Fajita (not sure of the name, but it was the one with Shrimps, Chicken and Beef) for the main course, accompanied by a glass of Lemon Margarita on the Rocks. I made sure to ask the waiter if their Guacamole is prepared just the right Mexican way, and he said, “definitely, we are an authentic Mexican restaurant.”

It took more than 20 minutes to get the food, and once it came, I got the appetizers with my main dish, which was very pleasant. Not! After a little chat about how appetizers should be served before main dishes with the waiter, he was able to take back my Fajita dish in order to bring it back later (which I am 100% sure he just warmed again when asked to bring it back).

Starting with the Tortilla chips and trip dip, I was disappointed at first site. The guacamole was extremely watery and minced so damn much, it makes you feel like it is green sour cream. I am sorry for taking a picture of the plate after having some of it (and my friends too!), but we had to try it as soon as it came in. It is well known that guacamole should never be minced on a food processor or made liquid-ish, it should always remain chunky (usually minced with a knife and fork, or just a fork). Just right then I asked if the Chef was Mexican or not, and I was told he is local, so I am pretty sure he/she does not know what a decent plate of Guacamole is.

Cinco De Mayo

Guacamole plate at Cinco De Mayo

How a decent plate of Guacamole should look like -

How a decent plate of Guacamole should look like –


Setting the guacamole aside as I did not enjoy a single bite of it. I started with the Salsa. After having a couple of bites, I got a huge chunk of the tomato stem base (yes that part of the tomato we usually throw away). I assume that fell in there by mistake. The waiter was kind enough to replace the whole plate and get us a new one with a fresh basket of Tortilla Chips, which I appreciate a lot, but honestly, the whole process took so long (keep in mind I have not yet started with my main dish).

Finally, after finishing the new appetizers, I asked for my main dish to be brought. Honestly, the Fajita was delicious! I am so glad I ended up eating something nice after all the mess and disappointment. I could not complement my Fajita with a good spread of Guacamole because what was supposedly Guacamole is surely not even close to it. I definitely make better Guacamole at home.

Supreme Fajitas at Cinco De Mayo

Supreme Fajitas at Cinco De Mayo

I am so glad I did not end up ordering a Burrito or anything pure Mexican like Carne Asadas, because it would have definitely turned out a mess. Cannot complain about the Fajita as it was good (probably the easiest Mexican dish to do).

The Lemon Margarita that I ordered was also extremely good, I am so glad I ordered it as I was craving one with Mexican food so badly.

Lemon Margarita priced at JOD9.00++ and Supreme Fajita at JOD18.00++ was fine as they were definitely worth it. The trio dip and chips platter (forgot the menu name for that one) was priced at JOD5.00++.

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