Things to do during coronavirus quarantine

Things to do during coronavirus quarantine

The Covid-19 (or, coronavirus as it is commonly known) has forced everyone into their homes! To combat the virus and spread of infection, Jordan as a whole has gone into complete lockdown, which means leaving your house as you wish is no longer an option. Some people may be unaffected by this decision as they prefer staying indoors, however, others are bewildered by the isolation. For the people struggling to find anything to entertain themselves and pass the time, here are a few things that you can do:

1. Reconnect with friends:

It seems that for the first time ever, everyone is in this together. You can be confident that a friend across the world is also staying at home equally in need for entertainment. It is the perfect time to reconnect with many of your friends and update them on your life. Thanks to technology you can video chat with multiple friends at once using apps such as FaceTime, Zoom, Facebook Messenger and House Party. Luckily, while you sit at home isolating yourself for your safety, you can be more social than ever.

2. Get creative in the kitchen:

Have you ever seen a dessert or meal and thought to yourself “I wish I could make that”? Dust off your cookbook, or look online for that recipe, and well, now is your time to experiment! Don’t use everything in your kitchen, you may need to save things for later! You can make tons of healthy foods to share with your family or a whole tray of dessert all for yourself (but in times like these, you don’t want tomake enemies – share with your family). 

3. Spring Cleaning/errands you have been avoiding:

Procrastination is almost every person’s best friend. Remember the laundry that you promised yourself you would do in a few minutes? Or the drawers and closet that you needed to reorganize? Well now is the time to complete every task you have been avoiding. Tiding the space around you is time consuming and beneficial for the near future. After cleaning up the scattered messes and finally completing all the chores that have been nagging you, you will feel refreshed and relaxed. 

4. Online games with friends 

Now staying connected to your friends has become an easy task. Log onto your favorite gaming site and play alongside your friends. There is a wide range of games that can be played with your friends, you can log on to Jawaker and challenge your friends to a game of cards. If playing cards isn’t really entertaining for you, there is also online trivia that instigates your thinking process and tests your intelligence. Online video games can also be very entertaining; gathering a group of friends to fight some zombies or a game of soccer can be the perfect way to spend time with friends. 

5. Exercise, Read and Relax:

In times like this it is easy to get consumed by Netflix, the couch and your favorite snacks. The easiest way to avoid becoming a couch potato is to get started on that book you have been so eager to read, or follow an online workout routine. There are plenty of online material for quick HIIT sessions, abs workout, or just your usual cardio. It takes up nothing of your time and will leave you refreshed, energetic and in a much better mood. If cardio and strength aren’t your thing, open a Just Dance video on your screen and dance along to your favorite songs, you can also leave the walls of your bedroom and make it a great way for you to bond with your family. You can also begin to build new habits and routines by trying new forms of relaxation like yoga and meditation. With all the stresses of daily life, you have a golden opportunity now to relax and care for your self mentally and physically! 

6. Spend time with family:

In the chaos of our day it becomes easy to neglect quality time with the ones closest to us. Being stuck at home with the same people every day may seem repetitive and boring but now is the perfect time to catch up and hangout with your family. Food, games and movies are all different forms of bonding for everyone to gather around and enjoy. You never know what new interesting things you might learn about your family members so just take that risk and leave your bedroom!

7. Make your own games at home:

There are many ways to bond with your family and friends during quarantine and games seem like the perfect distraction from all the negativity around us in the world. Fun times with your loved ones do not have to be expensive or complicated; there are many step by step guides you can follow to create some of the most interesting board games and challenges for everyone to enjoy. If you did not stack up on games and puzzles we have created a perfect list for you with some of the most fun activities that you can DIY.  

This list of fun activities should keep you busy and entertained during these long days in
quarantine. It is essential to not only enjoy these days of social distancing but also utilize
them in ways that will benefit you in the long term. Most importantly, wash your hands and
stay at home for the safety of you and your loved ones!

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