You Won’t Believe Which Country is the Top Expat Destination for 2015

People from around the world travel for work, study or living abroad. There is no doubt that one is looking for better pay or better standards of living, or simply a new experience for a while. According to a study conducted by Inter Nations (, via Expat Insider, one of the biggest studies ever that look into the aspects of living and happiness of expatriates.

Check out the top 10 expat destinations for 2015:

10. Australia

It is surprising that although Australia is a beautiful country, and anyone would wish to live there, tops the bottom of the list at spot number 10. japie de jong japie de jong


9. Canda

The freezing north-pole country ranks number 9 in the list. Nevertheless, it is not always freezing, Canada certainly offers a worthy living condition to its expats, with many touristic and superior places to visit and explore. chappy14 chappy14


8. Panama

The country is known for fishing, and Offshore Companies. Two irrelevant aspects, but it is true. The country offers expats easy business developments, with minimal to no tax implied on offshore companies formed in Panama. Also, Panama is known to cater a very friendly living environment that attracts expats to visit from all over the world. Maria Luisa Gutierrez Maria Luisa Gutierrez


7. Thailand

Not quite sure how Thailand is on the list of Top 10 Expat Destinations, I personally would never live there. It is a very nice country to visit as a tourist, but I would not prefer to live in Bangkok. Unless, I was dispatched to one of their amazing Islands, such as Phocket, then I would not mind spending the rest of my life on the beach 😛 azlan kassim azlan kassim


6. New Zealand

It is certainly on my bucket list. A well-known beautiful country, that hosts a very attracting living condition, and activities that are endless! It is said that everyone must visit New Zealand at least once in their lives. I for sure know their Airlines is truly amazing, as I have been on a trip from London to Los Angeles on Air New Zealand, and it is one of my favorite flights ever. Their hospitality is fantastic. waylett21 waylett21


5. Luxembourg Guido Meyer Guido Meyer


4. Singapore C. K. Vishwakarma C. K. Vishwakarma


3. Malta

Have you ever seen how small Malta is on the map? Yet, it is a very common tourist and business destination. It is part of the EU, and definitely one of the most developing countries within the EU. A secret you might not know: Cypriots register Gambling Casinos in Malta and operate them in Cyprus, as there is no law for Casino Registration in Cyprus. Robert Bielenis Robert Bielenis


2. Mexico

WHHHHHATTTT??? Mexico is number 2??? I never guessed this would happen! I know Mexicans leave their country for better living conditions and better jobs. But it seems that the country caresses a welcoming environment for Expats, as they voted it number 2 on the list. Sal Mastroianni Sal Mastroianni



Shocker! Yup, Ecuador topped the list being the number one country in the Top Expat Destinations for 2015. Crissie Hardy Crissie Hardy


You can find below the image embedded from, it also includes the rest of the countries that hit the list up to 64, which ends up in Kuwait.



Top Expat Destinations 2015 - infographic

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