Best Pizza Places in Amman

Nothing beats pizza on a lazy weekend, after a long day, or basically at any time of any day. It truly is a food for all moods. So we here at The Spotist have compiled a list of the best pizza places in Amman. Brace yourself for an upgrade to every pizza guys night, pizza date night, pizza movie night, and even cold pizza breakfast.

So here are the best pizza places in Amman:


Pizza places Amman
Pachi Pizza Instagram

Pachi delivers a classic Italian experience, Neapolitan style, all the charred dough bubbles you could ask for packed with the perfect cheese-to-sauce ratio. Put all that together with the freshest ingredients and their signature chili and garlic oils, you’ve got one hell of a pie! This place also offers a broader menu than most pizza places and covers more Italian delicacies such as pastas, risottos, and banger appetizers like bruschetta, garlic bread, and salads.

Dough Union

Pizza restaurants Amman
Dough Union Instagram

Dough Union sticks to a NewYork style slice. It doesn’t necessarily have the size of a New York slice, yet it does pack the flavor. From the flappy dough and bubbly crust to the tomato sauce to the slightly greased pepperoni cups. While they don’t have as many options as other places, they chose to focus on perfecting the few options they do have. And their “All Creamy” pizza is our recommendation. A perfect balance of saltiness from the ricotta and the parmesan to the chewiness of the mozzarella and the NewYork style dough, it really slices its way into our hearts.


Pizza spots in Amman
Ned’s Pizza Instagram

While you may have to compromise on the price a bit, this place does not disappoint in flavor whatsoever. They offer 2 different styles, classic NewYork style pizza, and a thick Sicilian style pizza (our recommendation). Their Sicilian crust is outstanding, it really does well in absorbing residual flavor from the toppings, which by the way, are there in generous quantities. Every nook and cranny of the pizza’s surface was covered in their high-quality toppings.

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Amman's best pizza spots
Oliva Instagram

No list of the best pizza places is complete without Oliva. And if they weren’t absolutely iconic, they sure wouldn’t be a two times Spotist Food Awards winners! From the heart of Amman in Luweibdeh, Oliva is a cozy place that offers Italian food in the style of an Italian street restaurant. Oliva’s flavor profile is truly iconic, all the ingredients are fresh, and the dough has just the right amount of bend, the cheese-to-sauce ratio is immaculate. They also get extra points for their garlic bread.


Best Pizza in Amman
Pizza Nina Instagram

A cute little spot that recently opened in Sweifieh Village, specializing in Sicilian-style pizza. The signature thick crust that’s packed with little air bubbles absorbs the flavors of the toppings to elevate the flavor to a level beyond comparison. A must-try is their spinach ricotta.

And that concludes the list of our favorite pizza places in Amman. Let us know what you think of them when you try them, we’re sure you’ll fall in love with them.

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