Best Lounges in Amman – 2022

Snuggling in bed while eating popcorn and watching your favorite sitcom, while enjoyable, doesn’t sound too special, does it? Nights out can be a bit intimidating for everyone, from finding a place with an enjoyable vibe, great food, and good seating. That’s where lounges come in. While checking all boxes, different lounges give unique experiences. Either focusing on loud music and drinks or a going bit more elegant with exquisite food. We here at The Spotist have compiled a list of the best lounges in Amman – 2022 so that no matter what vibe you’re feeling, you can always rest assured knowing your nights are taken care of.

The best lounges in Amman – 2022:


Lounges in Amman
Caprice Instagram Page

We start the list with a place iconic not only for its atmosphere but also for the great concoction of food and drinks that are prepared and served so elegantly. Caprice is always talked about as one of the best lounges in Amman for a reason. Conveniently located around fifth circle in the Fairmont Hotel, it’s almost in the middle of the city waiting for anyone who wants to unwind and have a drink.


Best Lounge food
Alibi Instagram Page

Going to Alibi is less like going to a regular restaurant, and more like experiencing food art. Enjoy a delicacy crafted in the most creative manner, to take your love of food and drinks to a level beyond comparison. Mixing textures and colors in food, making them look pristine and taste immaculate, is no easy business, but somehow, Alibi managed to craft some of the best dishes in the city. In addition to that, the vibes, the drinks, and the service are indescribably superior.


Best Lounges in Amman
Zenith Amman Official Website

Let’s talk about style. Sometimes when you want to sit back and relax on a special weekend, you want to do it in style. That’s where Zenith comes in. Everything about this place screams high fashion. The classic brown leather seating, the absolutely stunning wood tables, the exposed brick wall, and the eloquently stylized drinks. All the details and attention put in this place give this place a unique vibe unlike any other, you really feel like you’re in a movie.

The Deck Lounge

Best Lounges in Amman
Amman Rotana Instagram Page

For this one, we’re raising the bar, literally. The Deck Lounge is located on the fourth floor of Amman Rotana. With a beautiful view of Amman, a pool just a few feet away, and fabulous DJ nights, this place has it all. Whether you’re hungry for some food, or just in the mood to have a few drinks, expect only the finest from The Deck Lounge.

If you’re enjoying this list of the best lounges in Amman – 2022, be sure to check out our list of the best formal and casual date spots if you’re looking for a bit of romance.

District Urban Rooftop

Amman Lounges and Pubs
District Urban Rooftop Instagram Page

As the name implies, this place is a rooftop located in the heart of the city, Jabal Amman. Enjoy the taste of some of the best-presented dishes in Amman. The contrast between the colorful fresh food and the black ceramic plates along with the construction of the dishes is simply mouthwatering. And if that’s not enough, you can always sip your drink and enjoy the best views Amman offers.

The Living Room | The Loft

The Living Room | The Loft Instagram page

Whether it’s a cold winter day or a hot summer night, this place has you covered. A fusion of an indoor lounge (open only during winter) and an outdoor lounge (open only during summer) but no matter which one you end up going to, you can guarantee the most exquisite dishes alongside complex flavored cocktails to match the wonderful vibe. Let’s not forget the advantage of being right in the heart of Amman near third circle.

OZ Restaurant

OZ Restaurant’s Instagram Page

Grab some refreshing drinks and delicious food at OZ. Picture this, the atmosphere of a lounge, the food of a high-end restaurant, the drinks of a summer pub, and the scenery of a beautiful garden, does that sound amazing to you too? because we sure love it! All that mixed with their DJ nights makes for an unmissable experience and one hell of a night!


Amman Lounges
Solaya Retaurant and Lounge Instagram Page

Every lounge experience must have some things in common, good food, yummy drinks, comfortable seating, and a great aesthetic. Check, check, check, and check. The bar area’s ambiance elevates the vibes, the food looks and tastes extraordinary, the drinks are refreshing and colorful, and the seating area is comfortable with a great mix of outdoor and indoor seating. We here at The Spotist have a week spot for exposed brick walls. So as soon as we saw those bricks, we fell in love.

Those are The Spotist’s picks for the best lounges in Amman – 2022, let us know what other kinds of pots you’re looking for in the comments.

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