British Airways Airbus A320 and A380 Review: Amman to Los Angeles via London

After not being to Los Angeles for quite a while now, it is time to head back to one of my favorite places ever, California. I usually travel to the United States with British Airways as they offer an amazing customer service from the moment you start your journey till the last moment when you are about to leave the airport of your final destination. Live my experience aboard the British Airways A380 and A320!

Another reason is, British Airways offers excellent prices for Business Class tickets (or Club World). Nevertheless, the journey with British Airways is very comfortable, relaxing and truly enjoyable. I booked my ticket from Amman to Los Angeles with a transit stop in London of about 3.5 hours.

The journey started at Queen Alia’s International Airport in Amman, the flight was scheduled at 8:05 am. Not a big fan of early flights, but I know British Airways offers better schedules during the summer season for flights from Amman. Check-in was smooth and fast. What I love about traveling with British Airways on Club World is that you get 3 checked-in luggage each at 32kgs. This makes it so easy to bring presents, clothes, and everything you need, whether you are traveling for business or leisure.

Leg 1: BA0146 AMM to LHR – Airbus A321


View of British Airways Airbus A321 from the Departure Gate at QAIA

Boarding was smooth, fast, and easy. We had no problems at all, and BA made it even easier with the Business Class and Frequent Flyer Fast Boarding Lane. Flight BA0146 was boarding on time and ready for take-off.

The aircraft seemed like a renovated Airbus A321, and had lie-flat business class seats. I believe this is the same aircraft that was used by BMI before BA acquired it. The business class was distributed in a manner than had 3 seats in each row, two next to each other at one side of the aisle, and one seat alone on the other side of the aisle, perfect for those traveling alone or with members!

I was seated on the first row of the airplane with seat number 1A. That seated was the one allocated alone on the side of the aisle, which was excellent as I was traveling alone and definitely needed the space and comfort.


Seat 1A on BA0146

The seat was located on the right side of the airplane (when entering the airplane), and had a clean covered blanket, personal headphones, and a comfortable pillow ready for me.

On the left when seated, there is a personal reading light which can be adjusted for higher or lower brightness, a personal pocket for water storage, or any other store in fact, a USB Port, and a international charging station.


When seated, you will be faced with your TV Screen, which features the regular Highlife Entertainment System of British Airways.

46To be honest, I do not like the screen on this aircraft as it is not very touch responsive and could be improved to become more user-responsive.

As soon as we were seated, the flight attendant passed around a tray of drinks that ranged from soft drinks, juices, water and champagne.

I had to get in on that Champagne, as it is a ritual for me. It was 8am, but Champagne is never too early when traveling. A bag of “Out of Africa” nuts accompanied the Champagne, which made it even better!




An hour into the flight, breakfast was served. The menu was given beforehand in order to us to select the meal we would like to have. I went with the Fruit Smooth of Fresh Seasonal Fruits and Banana, along with the Fresh Seasonal Fruit and Bircher Muesli.


I was too hungry, I had to get started with that Muesli before taking a picture.

I was too hungry, I had to get started with that Muesli before taking a picture.

The breakfast was served on a tray with white linen, and was accompanied with a fresh bread basket, butter, jam and your choice of coffee or tea.


The Club World seat on the A321 has a control touchpad. You can make your seat lie flat or simply switch it to lounge mode via the quick buttons on the top. Otherwise, you can control the legrest, and lumbar using the touchpads. Other features include a massage button, floor light control, and the firmness or softness of the massage.

When lying down to sleep, your seat will move down into the legrest and turn into a lie-flat bed. The legrest is situated inside a box, and half (or a little less) of your body will be inside that box. At first, you kind of feel like you are being squished into a box, but then you get used to it, and it is actually comfy.


After that feeling of being full, I crashed whilst watching an episode of Friends. By crashed I meant, I woke up when it was time to land in London.

Overall, the flight was very comfortable; the business class restroom which was located at the front of the airplane was small and just like any regular aircraft restroom. We were offered an Elemis amenities kit which included hand cream, lip balm, face cream, a pen, sleeping eye folds, ear plugs, and a toothbrush with toothpaste.

Landing was also smooth and easy. My only complaints about this airplane would be the really loud noise of the engines and the sound of crackling you hear during takeoff which makes it feel as if the whole plane was being torn apart. But I know that was just the sound of an old aircraft.


Transit in London at Terminal 5 – Heathrow Airport

We arrived at T5 in London and was connecting at T5. Nonetheless, you have to go through security again, but it was not that long as I had a fast-track pass to the next flight as it was also on Club World.

The business class lounge (Galleries) at t5 is truly not my favorite. The food wasn’t special and it wasn’t even good. The variety was very minimal too. Drinks were at your own disposal, and you could grab any kind of beverage and seat yourself. The wine selection they have is great.

After killing 3.5 hours between sitting at the lounge, dining and shopping at Terminal 5, it was time to depart to LAX.

Take-off was late while we were seated in the aircraft for about 30-minutes, but we made it to LAX on time.


Leg 2: BA0269 LHR to LAX – Airbus A380



The boarding gate had 3 or 4 entrances to the aircraft, they were divided according to class and deck. I have been on this aircraft before, and I always choose the same seat. My favorite seat is 53J. It is located on the upper deck of the Airbus A380, in close proximity to the large bathrooms at the front end of the upper deck of the aircraft, yet not too close that you are bothered by the people passing. This seat is on the last row of the first section of the business class cabin of the upper deck, and is an aisle seat.



Behind your seat immediately is the galley, where the minibar and snacks are placed after takeoff and for you to enjoy throughout the flight.

As soon as we got to our seats, just like the flight before, the seat had our blankets and pillows along with the headphones ready and on our seats for us to enjoy. Drinks were served before takeoff, and a nuts were also distributed to Club World passengers.


Before takeoff, the food menu was distributed and we had the chance to take a look at what will be served throughout the flight. 1.5 Hours after takeoff, food was served. Sorry about the menu picture below, but the flight was moving when I took a picture and the camera never succeeded to focus.


Sorry! The plane was moving :(

Sorry! The plane was moving 🙁

I chose the Cream Cheese and Spring Onion Kibbeh with Spicy Buckwheat and Cranberry Salad and golden raisin dressing for starters, followed by the Seasonal Salad with Vinaigrette, and a Seared Fillet of British Beef for the main course.


The Kibbeh was truly not edible. I did not like it at all. The salad was great though. One trouble I had though is that my salad dressing bottle was not opening, and even the flight attendant couldn’t open it. When the flight attendant went to get me a new one, he couldn’t find any more, and got my oil only. So I ate my salad without any dressing at all.

Unfortunately, I cannot locate the image of the main dish. It was basically a Beef Fillet that tasted good, and had a thyme jus on top. It was accompanied with potatoes and cabbage.

The restrooms on the front section of the upper deck of the restroom are amazing. They are spacious, with a space for clothes changing and a space to brush your teeth and freshen up.

Via: Georgie Gillard

Via: Georgie Gillard

Flight to LAX was approximately 11 hours, through which we had minimal turbulence and a very smooth flight. The minimal noise of the A380 is superb. You can barely hear any type of engine noise, making it so easy to relax and sleep.

The same Elemis Amenities kit was given to Club World passengers, which included: A pen, hand lotion, face balm, ear plugs, sleeping eye folds, lip balm, and a toothbrush with toothpaste.

After enjoying movies and series on the Highlife Entertainment System, it was time to crash and sleep. Which I did for the long hours of the flight.

Before landing, the crew distributed breakfast, which included a light sandwich, british cones, butter, coffee/tea and juice.

This flight was extremely relaxing and enjoyable, however, when I got into LAX, one of my checked-in luggage went missing, but BA was kind enough to compensate the full amount of the damage.


I would definitely recommend BA for any long-haul flight, especially to the US, as I have tried their Boeing 777 & 747’s on other trips and are all extremely comfortable.

See you soon BA!

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