Top Places to Visit this Ramadan in Amman – 2022

The holy month of Ramadan is finally upon us. And with it, it brings the spirit of love, gathering, and having a good time. We here at The Spotist certainly enjoy the nights of Ramadan. So we compiled a list of our top places to visit this Ramadan in Amman. Some may include game nights, while others offer a wonderful view. Either way, we guarantee you a good time. This list is in no specific order.

Here’s the list of Top Places to Visit this Ramadan in Amman:

3al Qahwa

Photo Credit: The Spotist

A one of its kind project that is tailored to fit the Ramadan spirits. Food and drinks, check. Bingo and card games, check. Shisha, check. And it’s all brought to life with hosts that make your night memorable. Not to mention 15 daily raffle prizes from many different sponsors! So get your game on and get down to 3al Qahwa. You can check out their Instagram page for more details. 3al Qahwa is the place to be this Ramadan.

Jabal Café

Photo Credit: Soufian Faouri / Google Reviews

A new activity every night at Jabal Café, in Al-Salt. What better way to spend your Ramadan nights than staring at the night sky with friends and family. Enjoy a beautiful drive to a place that has it all planned out. From Bingo to talent shows and Live performance by 7arget Kart. All that with an amazing view of Al-Salt mountains. Be sure to stop by their Instagram.

Locals’ House

The spotist
Photo Credit: Local’s House / Google

A night spent with your friends arguing about who won in scrabble sounds like a fun Ramadan night. Paired with great music and even greater tea, Locals’ house has it all. This fusion between two iconic Amman spots, Locals board games and Turtle Green, is just what this holy month needs. Local’s House is open all day long in the most local spot in Amman, Rainbow St. Be sure to check out their Instagram Page.

High Garden

Ramadan in Amman
Photo Credit: High Garden Rooftop / Google

Some people like to spend their time outdoors, others prefer to stay indoors. This place figured out a compromise and brought both indoor and outdoor together. With a variety of menus and loads of fresh air, High Garden is a great Ramadan night spot. The seating is comfortable, the atmosphere is cozy and the food is immaculate! For more details, here’s their Instagram page.

Capri Restaurant

Top Places to Visit this Ramadan in Amman
Photo Credit: Capri / Instagram

Craving Italian? Well this place will have you covered! With a very nice atmosphere and a variety of food options, it’s guaranteed to elevate your Ramadan night! And who doesn’t love Italian food? Breakfast, pizza, pasta, and dessert, Capri’s got the flavor to back up the cozy vibes. And oh, did we mention they have shisha? Be sure to check out their Instagram.

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