Thursday, September 20 2018
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Downtown Amman with Grabbd

After being away from Jordan for 2 months, it is now time to get back to reality and focus on my beautiful city Amman. What better way to do it than spend a night in Downtown Amman? My friend Two Can Dine has informed me about this new app called Grabbd which …

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Staybridge Suites Beirut Hotel Experience

Staybridge Beirut

Travel is always exhausting, no matter how short or long your trip is, and how enjoyable it tends to be. Let’s not lie to each other, we all know that the hotel we stay at anywhere we go plays a great role in how well we enjoy our trip. It is …

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Best Airlines in The Middle East

We all know some of the best airlines in the Middle East. Some so famous that they are ranked the top airlines in the world and not just the Middle East. Fly with us to explore the Best Airlines in the Middle East for 2015 according to World Airline Awards …

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Top 10 Night Spots in Amman

Amman, the beautiful city that glamours the nights with its chill outings and relaxed atmosphere. Let’s be honest, Amman is not a clubbing nor a partying city. It is the kind of city were you enjoy going out to lounges, pubs and delicious restaurants. To be honest, the cultural environment …

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Travel Spot: Harissa (حريصا) – Lebanon

Harissa (حريصا), the beautiful Mountain Village in Lebanon that caress the huge statue of Virgin Mary. The Lebanese are known to call that statue Our Lady of Lebanon. Situated about 25 minutes North of Beirut (20km), the Village overlooks the beautiful green hills and the Mediterranean Sea. Whilst standing on …

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